Recent & All Time HEAT Forge Report (* = genesis account)

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  Estimate your forging rewards at

  Read bitcointalk thread for info on settings: heat.myAddress, heat.myHallmark
  Start your node without forging enabled and let it run until your block height catches up with lastBlockchainFeederHeight
      mkdir ~/heatledger
      cd ~/heatledger

  NOTE: once you've caught up, stop your server. then, to start forging, run these commands:
      read -s -p "Enter heat passphrase (WARNING: will be stored in in plain text): " H && echo "heat.startForging=$H" >> && H='' 
      cp heatledger-2.0.0/conf/

      screen -mS HEAT
      cd ~/heatledger/heatledger-2.0.0/

   To disconnect from screen, hit CONTROL+A, then d
    to watch log: tail -f ./heatledger.log
    to reconnect to screen to stop server: screen -r

  Having trouble loading the blockchain? Try a blockchain backup from this node (updated hourly):
    cd ~/heatledger/heatledger-2.0.0/
    tar -zxvf blockchain.tgz

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